Rokken's PR group works to promote everything that happens at the house. The PR group has 4 subgroups with unique and exciting tasks:

Mediecrew, who takes photos and videos during concerts and events, makes recap videos, and captures all the magical moments at the house. The media crew gets to work with some of the country's biggest artists, with the possibility of connecting to professional networks that most people can only dream of!

The communicators are the house's voice and ears, who manage social media, respond to messages, and find new creative ways to let the students feel ownership of Rokken. If you are bursting with ideas, you as a communicator will have a fantastic playground with professional frameworks behind you!

The designers make posters, SoMe posts, and everything else that needs to be designed for a machine like the Rokken to go around. As a designer, you hone your talent with varied assignments!

The reporters are the house's journalists and make sure that everything exciting in the house is properly broadcast. They can make cases about both upcoming and previous events, and they interview the artists who visit Rokken. They can create both online articles, videos and podcasts.

If you want to train your creative muscles to the max, together with a wonderful and creative group of fellow volunteers, then the PR group is the place for you!

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