We have just 50 seats for this event, so buy tickets on Tikkio before it`s to late! Tickets: https://tikkio.com/tickets/14334-olsmaking-med-nogne-o-veka20

Nøgne Ø has led the way in the Norwegian beer revolution since its inception in 2002. The brewery has received hundreds of honors, medals and awards for its beer, and is considered among the best breweries in the world. At Nøgne Ø, there is a continuous focus on innovation and quality, and creative employees ensure that new and innovative products are constantly being launched.

After the beer tasting everyone is welcome to join us standup with Morten Ramm. Tickets on tikkio!
The bar will sell great beer from Nøgne Ø. Bring your friends, colleagues, aunts, uncles. This will be a night with great music and beer.

ID: 18 +
CC: 200,- / 250,-
Starts 19.15 in the cafè
Tickets can you buy here: https://tikkio.com/tickets/14334-olsmaking-med-nogne-o-veka20