Lars Vaular has been an audience favorite since he reigned the hit lists in 2010 with “Straight up and down”, and set a whole new standard for Norwegian hip hop with the album release “All night, all day” the same year. Since then, he has marked himself as one of Norway’s greatest artists, and through collaboration with artists such as Kamelen, Astrid S, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Unge Ferrari and Myra has confirmed his position as an artist who transcends genres and generations - something that has given him five Spelleman’s awards and the honorary award at P3 Gold.

In May 2019 Lars Vaular released the super catchy Body Language. With lines like “when your best is not good enough” he hit the listener and in a short time, Body Language became one of the country’s biggest songs. Not long after, he surprised with a collaboration with Röyksopp and the single Two Minutes.

ID: 18+
CC: 300,- /350,-