Chris Medina will be played at Rokken friday night. The audience got to hear new, never heard before songs from the artist.

We spoke to Medina during the preparations before tonight’s concert.


You moved to Norway a couple of years ago, what do you think is the strangest thing about Norway or Norwegians?

I don’t think there’s anything incredibly strange about Norwegians, but they’re not as loud as Americans. I find myself to be quite loud. Also, whenever I talk to perfectly strangers I get a strange respond. I never felt strange talking to strangers, until I came to Norway.

How come you’ve come to Volda to hold a concert?

Because I live in Norway now and I want to establish myself the same way as I did back in the states; by playing gigs all the times. To create a presence. I want to be a part of the culture in terms of entertainment.

Do you prefer playing big or small venues?

Most of the time I like to play small venues because it feels more relaxed for me. With smaller gigs there’s a good chance that after the show I get to say hi to people. I think if I’m ever going to establish some sort of presence it’s going to be by connecting by the fans.

What’s your expectations for tonight’s concert?

I hope to play a couple of new songs that no one has ever heard. One of the benefits of playing in front of a small crowd is showing people music that no one else is going to hear. And I just expect a great time.

What can the audience expect from the concert?

They’ll get to see more of me than they ever had. The stuff that’s on the internet is limited but at my concert they will get the full experience.

There’s going to be a lot of students there tonight, have you ever been a student yourdself?

I went to college for 8 years. On purpose. I studied psychology, Sound, design and production. I just had fun. College was the best time of my life and I wish I could go back, I definitely stayed longer than I needed to, but it was so much fun.

Can you use three words to sum up your student life?

Enlightening, exciting and fast.

Do you have anything fun or strange on your rider?

Over the years I think the strangest thing I’ve ever really truly asked for was a lot of towels. The most I’ve ever asked for was 30 towels. Because I just feel like people always need towels. If you get sweaty, one. You want to take a shower, two. You want to wash your face, three. You spill a beer, four. You always need a towel.