Imagine that in the middle of a hidden fjord in western Norway, we have Norway's very best Student House!



But how does it actually go about running a concert stage and meeting place up here? Because we have the world's very best, kindest, and nicest volunteers! Volunteerism has a strong tradition in Volda, and every year new students show up ready to help make the village the best it can be for each other. As a Rokken volunteer, you work two shifts a month so your friends can go out, and when you want to go out, someone else steps up. With cooperation and solidarity, we build Norway's very best study environment!

Typical expression of a guard volunteer being asked to but up barrier tape. Photo: Tare Reklev Øverbø


But what else does it mean to be a volunteer?

We have 7-11 groups in the house, with various tasks (depending a bit on how you count). As a volunteer, you are mainly part of one group, where you work two shifts a month, and you can indicate which days you prefer to work. If you wish, there is also the possibility to be in several groups and switch between tasks – just talk to us, and we'll work it out! You will, of course, receive training in everything relevant to your group, both through thorough courses and on-the-job training with skilled colleagues.

As a volunteer, you get a lot of cool perks in the house, such as a free wardrobe and the right to skip the queue, and we distribute free tickets to almost all events and concerts!

The iconic Rokken bar. Photo: Tare Reklev Øverbø


Is it a big commitment? I want to be involved in other things too...

Volunteering is exactly what you make of it! At Rokken, we have plenty of different events, and we need both those who want to work at big concerts and small game nights. And it's not two evenings you "lose"; on the contrary, the evening you work can quickly become one of the most fun you've had! On shift, you meet friends on both sides of the bar, get to see cool artists, or participate in the volunteers' quiz tournament. The break room is always lively, and you always know you'll be warmly welcomed. If you ever feel pressed for time one month, want to try another group, or maybe you find out Rokken isn't quite your thing, we'll have a chat and figure it out.

Frivillige som koser seg på jobb under konsert. Foto: Iver Alne Bolin


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram, send an email to, or come chat to us at work!